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Investments and transactions

Green Grey and 1518 Studios will invest up to $750,000 in gaming startups as part of the MIPT accelerator

Accelerator of MIPT “Phystech.Start” opened the GameTech direction with the support of Green Grey and 1518 Studios. Its participants — gaming startups — will receive up to $750 thousand of investments in total. The organizers are waiting for applications from projects at the MVP stage and above.It is expected that up to 25 startups will participate in GameTech in three areas: games, mental health products and educational services with gamification.
Investments and transactions

How and why the founder of Green Grey invested $4 million in the MERCS mobile shooter: interview with Dima Morozov

The Green Grey company has become more active. After two PR campaigns — involving Zurab Tsereteli in the creation of the Mountain Goat Cup for developers and launching a program about games on Muz-TV — the company announced the first deal. She invests $4 million in a joint mobile shooter of the designer of the Corsairs series and a serial IT entrepreneur. Details about the deal and the publisher itself are in our material.