Mobile publisher and developer Green Grey has supported Pocket Size Games. This company positions itself as “the first distributed studio between the UK, USA and Eastern Europe”. The amount of investments amounted to $2 million.

An Epic Journey to Save the Planet
Pocket Size Games will spend the money received on creating its first games.

The studio is currently working on two mobile titles: An Epic Journey to Save the Planet and Sense of Life. Both projects are still at an early stage of development — a concept and a plot are only being created for them. Their releases are scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

The first game that Pocket Size Games will release with the support of Green Grey will be An Epic Journey to Save the Planet. She will tell a story about a world on the verge of an ecological catastrophe.

“We believe that mobile games should also perform a social function. Our industry cannot stay away from social and environmental problems,” Dima Morozov, founder and CEO of Green Grey, commented on the deal.

Pocket Size Games was founded in January 2021. The studio prefers to collaborate remotely with developers around the world, but it also has two offices — in Moscow and Los Angeles. Now the company has over 30 employees, some of whom previously worked at Disney, Electronic Arts, Liquid Development, and MyTona.

The investment in the Pocket Size Games studio is the fourth for Green Grey. Previously, the company invested in Infusion Games, Developers Unknown and NPU Games.

An Epic Journey to Save the PlanetAn Epic Journey to Save the Planet

An Epic Journey to Save the Planet