Publisher and developer of mobile games with Russian roots Green Grey has announced its second public deal over the summer. The company in partnership with game designer and producer Grigory Dorogov opens a studio for the development of casual games NPU Games.

Cook’s Voyage
The studio is launched in a co-financing format.

Both partners — Green Grey and Dorogov — have equal shares at the start. “This type of cooperation implies that both partners will be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including business development as such,” Dima Morozov, founder of Green Grey, clarifies in a comment.

The initial investment in NPU Games by Green Grey will amount to $ 800 thousand. The money will be used to launch the first project of Cook’s Voyage studio. There are no details about the project yet. It is only reported that this is a casual game “about travel and cooking“. In August, the studio plans to conduct a “setting test“.

Judging by Dorogov’s comment, NPU Games plans to combine various mechanics of casual games: “Now the market is built in such a way that the combinatorics of options wins. We will move forward by creating and constantly improving meta, combining it with the usual versions of the core. We don’t want to rest specifically on match3 or anything else, we want to be relevant to the market.”

It is reported that in the next 4-5 years, NPU Games wants to launch at least one game every 6-8 months. Now the team consists of 12 people. By the end of the year, there is a plan to grow the staff to 25 people.

Previously, Grigory Dorogov was an executive producer at Grade Up and CEO of the Silly Penguin studio, and at one time worked as a game designer at Game Insight. According to a press release, he had a hand in games such as Secrets of the Past, Jewel Tales and Mouse House: Puzzle Story.

For Green Grey, this is the second deal for the season. At the end of June, the company announced that it was investing $4 million in a mobile shooter by the designer of “Corsairs” and “Pirates of the CaribbeanRenat Berdinov and IT entrepreneur Nikolai Piskunov.