A young publisher of mobile games and applications, Green Grey, went on television as part of a campaign to increase awareness. The company has launched a weekly TV program dedicated to mobile games on Muz-TV.

It is called “Time to Play” and will be released on Thursdays as part of the morning program “Every Morning”. In the program, the company plans to talk not about its games, but to do reviews on “cool and trending” projects.

We talked with Dima Morozov, founder and CEO of Green Grey, about why the publisher of mobile games needed a TV broadcast, what business tasks he is trying to solve with its help.

App2Top.ru Questioner: Let’s start with the concept of the show. What is it?

Dima MorozovDima: We want to make a show for the widest possible audience.

We focus not only on players, the gaming community, but also, for example, on investors, game developers. We want to draw their attention to worthwhile projects. For example, our Mountain Goat Award, which we award for non-standard cool games, has the same task.

App2Top.ru QUESTIONER: But why television? Isn’t it easier to build a dialogue through Twitch or YouTube?

Dima: Television is a platform that allows you to have a good picture and access to a wide audience. But another thing is more important: the audience of most mobile games is not only children and teenagers, but also the 20+ segment, which is also very interesting to us, which watches TV. And in this regard, Muz-TV is perfect for us, whose target audience is people aged 18 to 44 years.

I would say that mobile toys “complement” a certain lifestyle. It’s definitely not just people who sit on Twitch, YouTube or TikTok who spend time behind them.

It is clear that the young audience watches less TV, goes into digital, but, as I have already noted, toys are not always a young audience.

App2Top.ru : Okay, let’s say your show will be seen by the desired audience. Let’s say you tell her about the worthwhile novelties. But why do you need this show from a business point of view?

Dima: The show has two goals.

The first is to provide additional publicity for Green Grey and enter the communication channel, which is the number one channel in Russia and the CIS countries, and which is quite difficult to get into.

As an example, it is easy to buy outdoor advertising on a billboard, it is even easier to buy contextual advertising on the Internet, on the radio and in the press – everything is also clear. But getting on TV is a difficult task even from the point of view of direct advertising.

If you just want to advertise, then you need a budget of 10, 15, 20 million rubles or more. At the same time, one output on the TV channel will not even technically be placed.

So we are entering an expensive and complex media. This also speaks about our ambitions and capabilities.

And we all know that the effectiveness of TV – in terms of building awareness – is high. Definitely not worse than a digital. Remember how quickly the “stars” from digital, getting on TV, received tremendous recognition.

The second goal of the show is to move mobile games, create a common information field with the market, demonstrating the best similar games on TV.

Plus, for us it will become a kind of networking, within which we will choose the best game of the week, including communicating with colleagues, connecting voting, as well as telling about the cool guys who create these games – who they are, where they come from.

App2Top.ru Questioner: And it will be exclusively TV content?

Dima: Now this is an exclusive for Muz-TV.

But, of course, over time, the show will have a YouTube channel on which the reviews will be longer. On social networks, on the contrary, we will publish shorter versions, extracts.