A new publisher of mobile games and applications with a Russian founder has appeared on the gaming market. It’s about the Green Grey company. She started with investments in the authors of the game “Don‘t look away from the red refrigerator” and collaboration with sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.

The result of collaboration with Tsereteli
The founder and CEO of Green Grey is Dima Morozov.

He is a new person in the industry. Previously, he was responsible for “all digital in the international advertising holding BBDO Group“, today he is on the board of directors of the Gloria Jeans clothing store chain and also invests in technology startups.

Green Grey plans to support and develop game studios in Russia and the CIS. The company is ready to invest in the creation and promotion of independent gaming products for mobile platforms.

“It is important for us to support not only commercial games, but also those who are one step away from a breakthrough, but no one gives him this chance, since everything is put on stream and creativity is pushed into the background,” Morozov says.

One of the first steps of the company in the market is participation in the Indie Cup competition. Within its framework, the company established its own nomination “Mountain Goat” (“for the most extraordinary and crazy project“), and also took several projects for publishing.

The winner of the nomination “Mountain Goat” is Novosibirsk studio 5WORD TEAM. She developed the game DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES AWAY FROM THE RED FRIDGE for PC. This is a chamber horror with graphics in the style of projects for the first PlayStation.

From Green Grey, the studio will receive an investment of $ 10 thousand. The publisher also promised to provide the project with full support in terms of development and launch in the future.

In addition, the founders of 5WORD TEAM were awarded a cup in the form of a horn figurine, which was made especially for Green Grey by Zurab Tsereteli, one of the most controversial sculptors of modern Russia, whose peak of popularity fell in the 90s. Tsereteli even played a computer game while wearing VR glasses.

Tsereteli and VR
Both the name of the nomination and the involvement of Tsereteli suggests that the company is trying to work in a provocative way.

By the way, the founder of Green Grey has already managed to appear in the financial news this month. On April 2, it became known that Morozov became one of the investors of fitness startup WorkoutMe. The latter attracted $150,000 as a pre-seed round.