Publisher and developer of mobile games Green Grey announced its first public deal. The company invested $ 4 million in the shooter studio Developers Unknown. The co-founder of the latter is Renat Yudinov, who previously worked on the Corsairs series.

According to Green Grey, the subject of the deal is the MERCS game. This is a team-based PVP third-person shooter for mobile platforms. The game is scheduled for release in the spring of 2022.

The details of the agreement are not officially specified. It is known that the company became the publisher of the game. She will be responsible for marketing and promotion of MERCS.

Our cooperation is not only about financing, it is also about the collaboration of two strongest teams. We are sure that the result will attract attention and win the hearts of the players,” said Dima Morozov, founder and CEO of Green Grey.

Taking into account the investments of Green Grey, the total budget of the game reached $ 6 million. The first two million were previously invested in the development of the project and its server technologies by the founders of Developers Unknown — Renat Yudinov and Nikolai Piskunov. The first is known as the designer of the Corsairs series. Renat also led the children’s gaming division of VGTRK for a long time. As for Nikolay, he is a serial IT entrepreneur and a business angel.

The current tranche in MERCS will be used for technical refinement and creation of new content. Also, a significant part of the funds raised is planned to be spent on promoting the game.

Green Grey is a gaming holding company founded in Russia in 2020. The company claims to be engaged in the creation, publication and promotion of a wide range of mobile IT products – from games and applications to technologies. Also engaged in investing. I haven’t launched any projects yet.