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Investments and transactions

Kalypso Media has increased its stake in Realmforge Studios to 100%

Kalypso Media has announced the completion of the takeover process of Realmforge Studios. Now the publisher Tropico owns 100% of the shares of the German developer, known for the Dungeons series of strategy games.As part of the deal, Kalypso Media not only increased its share from the original 60%, but also expanded the staff of Realmforge, as well as moved the team to a new office in Munich.

The revenue of the German gaming market reached almost €4 billion in the first half of 2020

In the first half of 2020, German residents spent €3.7 billion on games, which is 27% more than a year earlier for the same period. One of the main reasons is self—isolation during a pandemic. The largest increase occurred in the category of in-game purchases.This is described in the report, which was prepared by the German Gaming Industry Association (Game) based on data from App Annie and GfK, as well as surveys of Germans aged…