Apple has problems in Germany. Numerous German advertisers are dissatisfied with iOS 14.5 released on Monday and the new privacy policy that was launched on the platform after that. Now the corporation will be checked by the local Federal Antimonopoly Agency.

Source: Reuters. Photo: Mike Segar

The complaint against Apple was filed by eight major marketing and media associations of the country under the auspices of the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry (ZAW).

The fact is that starting from Monday, April 26, 2021, it is no longer possible to use the IDFA ID on iOS devices without the user’s permission. In addition, Apple’s new privacy policy prohibits the use of third-party data processing services.

That’s just the corporation itself from Cupertino, according to German advertisers, still collects all the necessary personal information. This means that Apple is abusing power and violating antitrust laws.

“As a result of these unilateral measures, Apple is effectively depriving competitors of the ability to process commercially significant data in its ecosystem,” the complaint says. “However, at the same time, the corporation excludes its own (advertising) services from the planned changes and collects large-scale volumes of user data itself.”

Apple denies the accusations by German companies. It states that its new privacy policy is designed to maintain the security of the user’s personal data. According to the corporation, confidentiality is considered one of the basic human rights.

“The user’s data belongs only to him, and it’s up to him to decide whether to share his data and with whom,” Apple commented. “With iOS 14, we’re giving users the choice of whether to allow apps to track them and share that information with third-party advertisers or other data brokers.”

Earlier, a similar antitrust complaint was filed by French advertising associations. However, the local regulator rejected the application.