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How do E3 and other exhibitions affect the visibility of games and the number of vishlist

Most often, developers present their games at summer exhibitions like E3 or their own events. In his new column, gaming expert Simon Carless told how such events affect the growth of the number of vishlist, and what percentage of them are converted into purchases.Carless notes that the following criteria will help to track the effectiveness of participation in a certain exhibition or other online event:

The head of Raw Fury criticized E3 and urged publishers to help small markets instead of exhibitions

E3 and similar events have been criticized for years by both ordinary viewers and people from the industry. On the eve of the new exhibition, a big emotional thread on this topic was written by the head of Raw Fury and a scouting specialist Johan Toresson. He explained why developers and publishers should stop spending money on big events.Toresson’s thread appeared in response to criticism of the E3 media portal by Matt Brown, senior editor…