The last major presentation at E3 2021 was Nintendo Direct. According to many players, the show was very successful, but investors did not share the enthusiasm. The shares of the Japanese company fell by several points.

On the eve of the presentation, Nintendo shares were worth ¥65 thousand ($591.7) — Nintendo Direct was held in the early morning when trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was closed. They began with a collapse in value to ¥61.15 thousand ($556.4). Then there was an adjustment. At the time of writing the news, it was possible to buy one share for ¥63.25 thousand ($ 575.2).

The company’s shares have been falling since the beginning of the year. They were raised twice: in February against the backdrop of the first big Nintendo Direct in a long time and at the end of May, probably due to a rumor that the Japanese will present an advanced version of the Nintendo Switch console at E3.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was dedicated to games that will soon be released on Switch. During the 40 minutes of the show, the company presented 26 projects, among which the two-dimensional platformer Metroid Dread, the continuation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the fifth part of Shin Megami Tensei, a set of mini-games Mario Party Superstars, a collection of Danganronpa Decadence and a remake of the first two parts of Advance Wars were noted. Nintendo also announced a portable retro Game & Watch console with three games of The Legend of Zelda series.

The audience reacted well to the event. Journalist Geoff Keighley, who throughout E3 asked Twitter users to rate different shows on a four-point scale, did not forget to ask the audience about Nintendo Direct. A little more than a third of respondents called the presentation perfect, about the same number considered it just good. But 13.6% of people were extremely dissatisfied with the last show.

The first wave of discontent went shortly before the start of Nintendo Direct. The fact is that the Japanese company banned the restream of its broadcast (although in previous years it was not against it). As a result, streamers around the world had to cancel the broadcasts.

The problem was also that at the presentation Nintendo did not say anything about the launch of Switch Pro, and instead presented another replica of the old console — Game & Watch.

Despite the fact that many players were delighted with the release of the new part in the Metroid series, others noted that they were waiting for news not on Metroid Dread, but on Metroid Prime 4. And most of the other games shown were either ports or remakes.

Но как указал He recalled that for the first time Metroid Dread was talked about 16 years ago, but only now the title has a final release date.

По мнению аналитика Therefore, the company tries to update them. It is also important for the Japanese to support third-party developers by giving them access to Switch via the cloud. Otherwise, games like DOOM Eternal would not have appeared on this console at all.

Although players and industry experts highlighted a number of problems with Nintendo Direct, they were mostly happy with the event. Some even called the show the best at E3 2021. And journalist Jason Schreier also added that Nintendo is one of the few companies that has focused on releases for 2021. According to him, this will “save the industry from a huge gap due to the pandemic.”