On June 15, Capcom held a half-hour conference at E3. There were very few announcements there, which neither gamers nor investors liked. Immediately after the presentation, the company’s shares went down.

Resident Evil Village
However, the drop was insignificant.

At the time of writing the news, the price per Capcom share fell by 1.49% to ¥3310 ($30).

It is worth noting that the Japanese publisher’s shares have been falling throughout 2021, despite the good sales of the Monster Hunter series. They rose only at the end of spring against the background of the release of Resident Evil Village. The maximum price for this year at which one Capcom share could be bought was ¥3775 ($34.3).

The vast majority of viewers were extremely dissatisfied with Capcom’s presentation at E3. Journalist Geoff Keighley conducted a survey on Twitter, where he asked users to rate the show on a scale from A to D, where A is excellent and D is disgusting. Now out of 59 thousand people, about 40.5 thousand (69.7%) agreed that Capcom had a terrible presentation. At the same time, 12.2% of respondents liked the event.

Basically, Capcom was scolded for the fact that the Japanese showed almost nothing at the show: among the interesting things were the DLC for Resident Evil Village, updates for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and Monster Hunter Rise, as well as a gameplay trailer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

If the day before the most boring (and sometimes the worst) presentation at E3 2021 was called the Square Enix exhibition, now this title has gone to Capcom.


On the other hand, the players praised the projects shown at the presentation. In particular, journalist Jason Schreier agreed that the show was a failure, but noted the potential of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.


It is also worth pointing out that back on June 8, Capcom warned that it was not going to announce much at E3. On Twitter, she literally wrote a list of four games that she planned to mention on the show. It was them that she listed on the 15th.


Recall that today at 19:00 Moscow time, Nintendo Direct will be held at E3 2021. The presentation will last about 40 minutes and will tell about the games, most of which should appear on Switch this year.