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Rovio sued Wildberries over the sale of goods with Angry Birds. Marketplace pleads not guilty

Finnish Rovio accuses Wildberries of copyright infringement due to the sale of various products featuring Angry Birds. The company wants to collect compensation in the amount of 60 thousand rubles. However, the marketplace claims that it is necessary to sue not with the site, but with the sellers.The claim to the Moscow City Court was filed by Rovio on April 23, the Kommersant newspaper reports.

The government plans to create a separate court for Russian IT companies

The Ministry of Finance has proposed to introduce a special court for IT companies, which can be launched by 2024. We are talking about the consideration of criminal cases under economic articles. The agency is also considering the introduction of a moratorium on inspections, which, according to officials, will help companies “feel protected.”This was stated by the head of the department Maksut Shadaev at a meeting of the Federation Council for the Development of the…