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In Norway, they called for regulating games with loot boxes. Among the measures is a ban on them for minors

Норвежский совет потребителей выпустил подробный отчет, в котором прошелся по лутбоксам в играх. Исследователи назвали эту механику «эксплуататорской», а дизайн самих лутбоксов — обманчивым и побуждающим тратить большие суммы.

EA temporarily allowed players to watch the contents of the loot boxes in FIFA Ultimate Team before buying them

Electronic Arts has decided to partially revise the system of loot boxes in the FIFA series of games. To do this, the company temporarily gave players the opportunity to find out the contents of packs in the Ultimate Team mode before buying them. However, this promotion has a number of limitations.This is how the new packs look in the game (on the right you can see the timer with the remaining time until a new…

Almost 30% of all Electronic Arts revenue comes from the Ultimate Team mode

Despite all the scandals around loot boxes, the Ultimate Team mode in sports games like FIFA remains one of the main sources of income for Electronic Arts. The company itself noted that it makes up a “significant part” of its revenue. Over the past year alone, EA has earned over $1.5 billion on it, which is almost 30% of the publisher’s total revenue.The exact revenue of the Ultimate Team mode became known from the annual…