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5 trends of the mobile market in 2022: cross-promo, focus on Android development and IP licensing

Marketing expert Eric Seufert spoke about five trends that will manifest themselves in the mobile games market in 2022. The analyst believes that Apple and Google will oppose titles with the play-to-earn model, and developers will begin to actively optimize their projects and advertising strategies for Android.There will be no games with the play-to-earn model in mobile stores

How Microsoft unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with Apple about the release of Xbox exclusives in the App Store

New details of Microsoft’s negotiations with Apple have become known from the published emails. For the sake of launching a cloud gaming service in the App Store, the company was ready to make a number of compromises. On iOS, among other things, AAA Xbox exclusives could appear. However, the negotiations have reached an impasse due to financial and technical differences.This was reported by The Verge with reference to documents related to the litigation between Apple…

Why Apple Arcade has fewer Exclusive Games and more Proven iOS Hits

This year Apple has made a soft relaunch of Apple Arcade. In an attempt to attract a new audience, the company has added many already successful casual iOS titles to the library. Gaming expert Simon Carless has figured out the reasons for the change of strategy and Apple’s unwillingness to finance risky exclusives.In the latest issue of his newsletter, Carless published a table of the 22 most popular titles in Apple Arcade at the moment.