Japan is the third largest gaming market in the world. Its revenue this year will be $19.2 billion, Newzoo predicts. This is $6.7 billion more than last year.

The population of the country is 127 million people. Of these, according to Newzoo, 67.6 million gamers.

The Japanese gaming audience is characterized by a large gender gap on all platforms. On consoles, the number of male players is generally twice as large as women.

The paying audience in Japan is very active. Over the past six months, 77% of paying gamers have spent money on in-game purchases. Purchasing behavior depends on gender: for example, 47% of men and only 28% of women buy DLC and add-ons for games.

26% of Internet users watch gaming video content online, most of them prefer to watch videos on the desktop.

The audience of esports fans is 14% of the total number of those respondents who know about this phenomenon. The most popular esports franchise among the Japanese is the native Street Fighter.

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