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“Elegant roller coaster with a meaningless plot”: what the press writes in Ratchet & Clank reviews: Rift Apart

The official release of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a new PlayStation 5 exclusive, took place today. The project received rave reviews from critics, and the average score on Metacritic was 89/100 based on almost 100 reviews. Rift Apart is called perhaps the most beautiful game for today and is praised for using new technologies, but at the same time criticized for outdated gameplay in places.
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Sony will spend over $18 billion on strategic investments, including on gaming services

Sony has announced plans to significantly expand the audience of its online and mobile services. To do this, the Japanese company will allocate over $18 billion, which will be used for strategic investments. They plan to develop gaming services, among other things.According to Reuters, Sony will allocate 2 trillion rubles (about $18.39 billion) for these purposes within three years.

Platinum Games: Japanese developers will not ignore the PS5 because of Sony’s course on the USA

The launch of the PlayStation 5 in Japan turned out to be a record low, and local players were dissatisfied with the company’s increased attention to the western market. However, Platinum Games studio is confident that Sony’s new strategy will not affect the attitude of Japanese developers to the platform in any way.Atsushi Inaba, the head of Platinum Games, spoke about this in an interview with Video Games Chronicle.

Why does the PS5 bypass the Xbox Series X in tests, while being inferior to the console in power

On paper, the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PlayStation 5. However, the first tests show that the multiplatform now works better and more stable on the Sony console. The reasons are banal. First: game developers had less time to optimize games for a Microsoft device. Second: less convenient tools and weaker documentation for it. This was told by The Verge, after talking with various teams that were preparing new releases for the latest…

Bloomberg: taking into account inflation, prices for games could exceed $100 by 2020

The increase in base prices for games is one of the most discussed topics at the launch of a new generation of consoles. According to Bloomberg, Sony wanted to raise the price above the stated $70, and taking into account inflation, prices this year could even exceed $ 100.This year, several major publishers, including Take-Two and Sony, announced an increase in prices for individual games to $70.