Sony announced that the launch of PlayStation 5 sales turned out to be the most successful — both in the history of the brand itself and the entire console industry.

This was told by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan before the start of CES 2021. He did not name the exact volume of sales in the first months, but assured that the PS5 sold better than other consoles, including the Xbox Series X|S.

At the same time, Sony reported record sales of the set-top box back in November. Then the company called the demand for the PS5 “unprecedented”, but also did not disclose the figures. However, at that time it was probably only about the success of the PS5 compared to other consoles of the PlayStation family.

Recall that the previous world leader was the PS4, which was bought more than 2.1 million times in the first two weeks since its release. But the number of Xbox Series X|S devices sold remains unknown. As Phil Spencer previously stated, Microsoft is not going to announce the level of sales of its consoles, even if it surpasses Sony’s achievements.