According to eMarketer, 55% of marketers consider retargeting as one of the most effective types of targeted advertising. Fiksu has proposed using this mechanism as a service for mobile developers.

The purpose of retargeting is to attract existing inactive users to the application. This should increase the volume of IAP and, accordingly, raise the profit that the application brings.

Fiksu Retargeting covers all the most important media sources, including RTB exchanges, Facebook, Google Adwords, etc. Thus, the service will help optimize traffic from all major mobile resources.

Marketers have already appreciated the power of retargeting on desktop computers, and for the first time Fiksu offers to use this valuable tool for mobile applications. This is a great addition to the user acquisition mechanism, allowing advertisers to maximize the profit from their invested funds,” said Mika Adler, CEO and founder of Fiksu.