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Developers are unhappy with Google’s plans to pay for the number of gaming sessions on Stadia Pro

Google intends to pay developers money depending on the number of gaming sessions in the paid cloud service Stadia Pro. However, not everyone in the industry has positively received this model. Some fear that it will force studios to create stretched games and artificially increase user engagement.The discussion arose against the background of the new Google Stadia strategy.

Google said that Stadia is alive and feels great — despite the closure of development studios

At the beginning of the year, Google Stadia began to have big problems after the closure of internal development studios and the departure of Jade Raymond. Despite this, the company assures that the platform feels great and continues to develop. Among the arguments are regular replenishment of the library of games and cooperation with indie studios. However, Google still doesn’t say anything about the size of the service’s audience.About the current state of Stadia in…

GeForce Now and Google Stadia will work on iOS as web applications

Google and Nvidia have announced that their cloud gaming services will appear on iOS in the form of web applications. At the same time, GeForce Now already works on Apple devices, and the company itself plans to release a special version of Fortnite adapted for control on smartphones.GeForce Now and Stadia decided to follow the path of Amazon’s Luna service, which appeared on iOS in the form of PWA, a progressive web application.