Google wants to attract more developers to Stadia. To do this, the company introduces a new commission system. Now the authors of the new games will pay Google only 15% of the first $3 million in revenue received on its cloud platform. However, there were some nuances.This became known at the Google for Games Developer summit.

Commission changesOnly developers whose games will be released in Stadia from October 1 of this year will be able to use the new conditions.

  • Google will still charge 30% from projects already uploaded to the platform.Also, a reduced commission of 15% will apply only to the first $3 million received from sales.
  • The program will last until the end of 2023.
  • According to the company, after that it will return to the standard distribution of revenue 70/30 in favor of developers.Subscription Service Changes

Google plans to develop a Stadia Pro subscription, which allows you to play a certain set of games in the cloud for a monthly fee.

  • To expand the library of titles, at the end of July the company will launch a new program for developers.70% of all monthly revenue that Google receives from subscriptions will be distributed among partner studios.
  • The share developers receive depends on the number of sessions that Stadia Pro users have spent in their games.Google counts only one game launch per day as a unique gaming session.
  • If a Stadia Pro user launches a certain project several times a day, the company will still count it for only one session.Google also plans to launch a special partner program in the first half of 2022.
  • Developers will receive $10 for each new user they helped convert into a paid Stadia Pro subscriber.To do this, the company will track how many users have paid for a subscription to the service after clicking on links to partner studios’ games and the end of the monthly trial.
  • All these innovations are part of the new Google Stadia strategy.

In February, the company closed all internal development studios and decided to abandon the release of its own exclusive games. Now the company plans to focus only on the development of the service.

In March, Google also announced plans to reduce the commission on Google Play. Last month, the company started accepting applications from developers, who will now be able to pay only 15% of the revenue. However, we are talking only about the first million dollars.

Against the background of the proceedings between Apple and Epic Games, other companies have also begun to introduce small benefits for developers. From August 1, Microsof t will reduce the commission to 12% for game creators in the Windows Store. Last year, it also became known about the reduction of the commission in the App Store to 15% for developers who earn less than $ 1 million per year.