About the most popular solutions for A/B testing in mobile, – Soomla company told.


A good page in the App Store and Google Play by itself will not bring downloads and box office success. But it is able to reduce advertising costs by increasing conversion to downloads from ad transitions.

This is also true of the icon. The correct icon itself will not lead users, but in the case of a feature or traffic purchases, it can lead more users.

The problem is determining what is a “good page” and a “correct icon”. This can be determined only with the help of A/B testing, which will show which of the options gives the greatest conversion.

The advertising company Soomla has identified four platforms with which you can conduct this type of testing.

Google Play Experiments

The only tool from the selection that is free and does not require advertising traffic. It allows mobile app developers to experiment with content on their pages without restrictions. But Experiments does not allow testing unpublished applications. Another disadvantage: from analytics it is impossible to understand exactly what exactly worked and what didn’t.


Distinctive feature: it is completely free and does not require additional traffic.


One of the first tools on the market. Companies such as Rovio, FiftyThree and MyTona work with SplitMetrics. It allows you not only to test the icons and the page, but also the application before launch, as well as its search engine optimization and Search Ads in the App Store. SplitMetrics works by subscription.


Distinctive feature: conducts experiments before launch, as well as testing Search Ads in the App Store.


They work with Kabam, Zynga, EA, Sega, GREE and others. An important advantage of the tool is the availability of benchmarks and techniques based on the experience of working with other clients. Another plus is the StoreIQ algorithm. It allows you to get accurate results for the best creatives on a smaller number of traffic. Storemaven allocates a manager to clients who helps with the tool. Storemaven works by subscription.


Distinctive feature: benchmarks and StoreIQ.

A/B testing from TUNE

The Seattle-headquartered company has many marketing tools. There is also a solution for A/B testing. The tool offers standard functionality for testing assets, keeps statistics. According to Soomla, the TUNE solution is more integral than the alternatives mentioned above. But at the same time, the tool has a huge disadvantage: it works only with those users who were attracted through TUNE. And TUNE will not be able to pay separately for A/B testing: you will need to pay for the entire package of services.


Distinctive feature: a great solution if you work with TUNE.

Source: Soomla