Today, on February 17, the Liftoff platform announced the launch of the Post-IDFA Alliance. This is a coalition of services and platforms that is designed to solve the problems associated with the restriction of IDFA by Apple. The association includes, in addition to Liftoff, companies such as Fyber, Chartboost, InMobi, Vungle and Singular.

Recall that Apple plans this spring to enable all users to block the advertising identifier (IDFA). It is necessary to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and find a suitable audience for creatives. Instead, companies are encouraged to use the less effective App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT) and SKAdNetwork.

The answer to this update was the coalition, as well as the No IDFA website launched only by it? No Problem. This information resource is designed to help marketers and publishers of mobile applications to move into a new era as painlessly as possible, where there is no place for IDFA, and their privacy is at the forefront when working with users.

No IDFA? No Problem
Now the site is a kind of aggregator of all possible information about the upcoming changes.

Here you can find videos, articles, cases, webinars, as well as various reports related to the identifier. But Liftoff sees something much more in him.

Apple’s new policy is one of the most important developments in mobile marketing in recent years,” explains Dennis Mink, vice president of marketing at Liftoff. “And our solution provides marketers with the tools they need to adapt as smoothly as possible.”

Whether it is worth waiting for other initiatives from the Post-IDFA Alliance is unknown.