Important news for developers and publishers on Steam. Now the UTM analytics menu has appeared in the Valve store, with which you can track advertising campaigns on the game page. Tags will allow you not only to find out the sources of traffic, but also to track the number of purchases and additions to vishlists.The new service is currently in open beta testing mode and is available on all accounts with permission to view marketing traffic data.

Using UTM tags, Steamworks will keep track of the links that users follow to the game page in the store.

How will UTM analytics help developers?You can track the total number of visits to a game page with a UTM tag and the number of visits for each unique combination of UTM tags.

  • Find out the number of additions to the wish lists, purchases and activations (installing a free game or activating it with a key).
  • In-game purchases cannot be tracked yet.Based on the information received, you can create reports and download data in CSV format.
  • Valve additionally notes that the reports do not use personal data of users and their Steam ID.
  • It is also impossible to track conversions if the user has not logged in to the account and has not consented to the use of cookies.Now Steam takes into account only links that lead specifically to the game/application page in the store.

Also, the link must necessarily contain one of two labels — utm_source or utm_campaign.

You can get acquainted with the rules for compiling UTM tags and learn more about how the new analytics tool works in the official manual.