App Annie has published an index of the most downloaded mobile games for February. Thanks to him, it turned out that Novosibirsk-based Naxeex is slightly inferior to Vivendi and Activision Blizzard in monthly user installations with Android.

Domestic treshodels are one of the market leaders
Naxeex is based in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

From the company’s profile on App Annie, you can find out that it has released 113 titles.

The company specializes in the production of low–quality three-dimensional projects – third-person action movies. Often, content from one title wanders to another. Games are released as free-to-play with the ability to turn off advertising for IAP. Projects do not receive any support after launch, they do without updates at all.

According to the official website of Naxeex, the total DAU of its projects is more than 1 million.  For a lot of the company’s projects, downloads start at 500 thousand. There are enough games with more than a million downloads.

As a result of February, Naxeex is the only company from the CIS that is in the Top 10 in the world by downloads from Google Play in the world.

Of “our” companies in the cash top, only Playrix is still
As for the list of the ten highest-grossing gaming companies on Google Play, only Playrix is in it from studios with Russian roots.

Its position has improved compared to the January results. She overtook the Japanese Mixi, the authors of Monster Strike.

It is also present in the top ten of the App Store. But there it is only in the ninth position.

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