Two high-ranking Zynga managers, leaving the company for Scopely, took with them to a new place data about the former employer and several colleagues.


Farmville authors are suing Massimo Maietti, Ehud Barlach and their current employer. Massimo worked at Zynga for five years as a creative director, and Ihud for more than three years in management positions.


Massimo Maetti and Ihuda Barlach The lawsuit has 28 pages.

It also mentions that Massimo downloaded ten working files from his Zynga account the day before announcing his departure and transferred nine of them to a USB flash drive. But this is only one episode. In total, Massimo took away about 26 GB of “carefully closed” company information, including data on the yet-to-be-announced Project Mars game, data on Farmville 2 engagement and revenue, unpublished design documents of other projects.

His colleague Barlach is accused of the fact that after accepting the offer, Scopely himself offered the new employer to find new employees from his former colleagues, despite the fact that he formally still remained in the Zynga team. Massimo also engaged in poaching. Both of them took about six employees to a new place, some of whom also downloaded secret files in the last month of work.

Scopely is accused of misappropriating confidential data and of “third-party interference that was aimed at breaking the contract.”

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