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A conflict broke out between the authorities investigating harassment in Activision Blizzard

The situation around the harassment investigation at Activision Blizzard is getting more complicated. The California Department of Fair Employment and Placement (DFEH) believes that a peace agreement concluded between a gaming company and one of the federal agencies will harm the lawsuit. At the same time, the Department itself is accused of violating professional ethics.The beginning of the conflict

The head of Tripwire Interactive supported the anti-abortion law. He was criticized by colleagues, and the studio partner terminated the contract

Tripwire Interactive is known as the publisher of Chivalry 2 and the developer of Maneater with Killing Floor. Last weekend, its president John Gibson (John Gibson) came out in support of a new anti-abortion law in Texas, which caused dissatisfaction with the gaming community. In particular, one of the partners refused to cooperate with the company.

The creators of Sniper Ghost Warrior apologized for a PR event about the “murder” of people disguised as Arabs

The other day, the Polish studio CI Games was at the center of a scandal. It is connected with an event dedicated to her new game Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. Participants had to kill armed actors dressed in Arab costumes. The press criticized the developers for militarism and propaganda of violence, although the studio itself was not even at the event.What happened?

The XYZ School Scandal: how the post of the deceived students of the course led to the departure of the editorial board of the media direction

Over the weekend, XYZ School, known for its game-dev courses, found itself in the center of a big scandal. It all started with a collective letter from deceived students who could not get a fully paid course program for almost nine months. The post caused a great resonance, and after the official response of the management, the editorial board of the media direction left the company.