Sudden news. Microsoft has abandoned the development of its own stream platform. She closes Mixer. All partners and streamers of the platform are transferred to Facebook Gaming.

The reason for this decision in Microsoft is called a loss in the competition. In an interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer, the head of the company’s gaming direction, frankly admitted that the Mixer’s MAU indicators are much lower than those of competitors. He also expressed confidence that the Mixer community will only benefit from Microsoft’s cooperation with Facebook.

The transfer will take a month. Starting from July 22, all Mixer sites and services will automatically be hosted on Facebook Gaming. As for the monetization program of the service, it will be transferred to a similar Facebook toolkit.

Not only the social network will benefit from cooperation. Microsoft sees the current deal as part of a more important campaign for its gaming business. Facebook will allow the giant from Redmont to integrate the xCloud cloud gaming service into Facebook Gaming. Stream viewers will be able to launch games from the social network that are streamed on the site with one click.

It’s not about making money, it’s a story about finding a partner who will be the perfect choice for both the community and streamers. We think that we have found such a partner in Facebook. And thanks to this deal, firstly, we now have a great place to launch additional content on xCloud, and secondly, we give players the opportunity to play right from there,” Spencer concluded.

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