At the beginning of the week, there was a rumor that Fortnite would not be published on Google Play. Today, this information was confirmed by Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney. He stated that the game will be available for download from the official Fortnite website.

According to GamesBeat, Sweeney explains this for two reasons.

The first concerns the desire of the team to work directly with users without the participation of a third party on those sites where it is possible. Today, such platforms are PC and Android: both do not restrict the user in choosing the source of content to download.

The second reason is that Sweeney is not satisfied with the economic model of existing markets. Platforms today take 30% of sales, while they stuff users with advertising that can promote competitors’ games.

“When you search for our Fortnite on iOS, you are often offered ads for PUBG or Minecraft. Whoever bought the ad in front of us is higher in the search results than Fortnite,” Tim gives an example.

For this reason, he considers it a logical step to allow users to download games directly from developers instead of putting an app store as an obstacle between developers and their users.

Sweeney plans to make making payments in the game as simple as possible. And he sees no problem in the fact that users will need to enter their credit card details to pay for in-game content.

“If the game is really important to you, spending a couple of minutes to set up payments is worth it,” Tim said.

From October 2017 to May 2018, Fortnite earned $1 billion on in-game purchases. The total monthly revenue of the game from all platforms today is around $ 300 million. On iOS alone, the game earns $2 million a day.

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