Neither Sony nor Microsoft are in a hurry to officially announce the cost of future consoles yet. But the American retailer Best Buy has already put a preliminary price tag on the PS 5 and the new Xbox. Judging by it, it won’t be cheap.

Recently, an offer to buy next-generation consoles on credit appeared in the online store of Best Buy, the largest seller of equipment in the USA and Canada. Installments of $499 for 18 months have become available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pages.

Here you need to take into account that there are two types of loans in the Best Buy store: for 12 and 18 months. An 18-month loan, unlike the shorter option, is interest-free, but it is given only for expensive goods with a value of at least $ 499. Since the new PS and Xbox appeared immediately with the option of installments for a year and a half, the store believes that they will not be much cheaper.

However, there were fears in the media that this price tag is nothing more than a “stub”, and the retailer itself is looking for a way to attract attention to itself. Journalists also suggest that even Sony and Microsoft themselves may not yet know how much to sell consoles for. They explain the competition of companies. If, say, Sony puts the price on the console at $499, Microsoft can start selling its own at $399, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, the behavior of Best Buy coincides with the recent conclusions of analysts: most agree on the price of consoles at $ 500-600. For example, Bloomberg shared a similar forecast back in April.

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