Apple has announced the release date of iOS 14.5 — April 26, 2021. Recall that it is with this update that a new privacy policy will come into force on the platform, which will allow users to block the IDFA advertising identifier.

The company announced its decision to release iOS 14.5 in the near future during the presentation of Spring Loaded. Apple did not give an exact date there, but noted that the release will take place next week. Later, in a blog for mobile developers, she clarified that the update will start on Monday.

Apple also stressed that from the 26th all applications will be required to use the App Tracking Transparency framework (ATT). Only in this case they will be able to track user data with the permission of the latter.

The company recalled that now, when submitting an application for consideration, developers must indicate exactly how they intend to collect user information. For example, by name or by email address. Do not forget about privacy markers — special warning labels in the description of applications, where it is written what specific data is being monitored.

In addition, Apple pointed out that methods such as the use of digital fingerprints (fingerprinting) are directly prohibited by the company’s rules.

Marketing expert Eric Seufert managed to comment on the news about the release of iOS 14.5 and the launch of the new Apple privacy policy. According to him, the tech giant has recently added several more important points to the list of privacy rules.

For example, a warning about possible data collection should now be displayed during web browsing inside the application (WebViews). That is, when the user opens links from the application not in the browser, but directly in the application.

Another new point is that Apple is not against third—party deep linking and deferred deep linking tools, but only if the user gives permission to collect information.