Paid loot boxes will disappear from the online shooter Star Wars: Battlefront II. The remaining boxes with random loot will be issued for game achievements and contain only cosmetic items and game credits, according to the publisher of the game Electronic Arts.

In the new system, gamers will receive loot boxes for daily visits to the game and completing tests. The update with changes will be released on March 21.

EA does not intend to completely abandon in-game purchases in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Starting in April, the game will launch a costume shop, which can be purchased both for credits and for premium crystals purchased with real money.

Like the contents of the loot boxes, the costumes have only a cosmetic effect and do not affect the gameplay.

Recall that Electronic Arts was forced to reconsider its policy on Star Wars: Battlefront II after a big scandal in which users accused the company of unethical mechanisms for additional monetization of the title worth $ 60.

The company temporarily disabled microtransactions shortly after the release and promised to redesign the current system.

But the conflict did not end, but turned into an international discussion about the essence of the mechanics of loot boxes, which is why the governments of a number of countries thought about the need to regulate loot boxes as a type of gambling.

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