Google will launch a two-day Mobile Gaming Bootcamp training event about the promotion and development of mobile games tomorrow, August 19. Speakers will talk about the practices of using Google products for gaming: Google Ads, AdMob and Firebase. Belka Games, CarX Technologies, Donut Lab and Appache will also share their insights.

Within the framework of the event, seven performances will be held, which, according to the organizers, will help answer various questions of the gaming business:

  • how should the purchase of traffic differ at different stages of the game lifecycle when working with Google Ads?
  • how to build advertising monetization with AdMob?
  • what business tasks does Firebase analytics solve?
  • how to create effective advertising creatives?
  • what new trends have appeared in gaming in the first half of 2020?
  • how has Belka Games been able to increase revenue 16 times in recent years?
  • what are gaming companies planning to “Stop, Start, Continue” (Stop, Start, Continue) and do in their business?

In total, the reports of the first day will take an hour and a half, the second — two and a half. During this time, participants will be able to listen to the speeches and ask the speakers questions.

The event is held in Russian. Among its speakers are Google experts, as well as Yuri Krasilnikov, Vice President for Business Development at Belka Games, Dmitry Fokin, CEO of CarX Technologies, Mikhail Karataev, CEO of Appache, and Marat Zhanabekov, Head of Donut Lab Development.

Mobile Gaming Bootcamp will open tomorrow on Wednesday at 11.00. You can register for it at this link.