One of the recently dismissed employees of Xsolla filed a lawsuit against the founder and CEO of the company, Alexander Agapitov. The developer demanded to restore him to work and pay the money that could not be earned due to forced absenteeism. He also wants to receive a million rubles as moral compensation.

This is reported by the Perm portal , who received a copy of the claim from Ilya Demin, the developer’s lawyer. The name of the developer is not disclosed.

A former employee of Xsolla attracts as third parties, in other words, asks Forbes and Meduza to act as witnesses (included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of persons performing the functions of a foreign agent).

According to Perm RBC, these media reported that the dismissed employees will receive compensation from the company in the amount of 4-6 salaries. In reality, the payments were less. The developer wants the publications to confirm that Agapitov really promised these amounts, and they did not invent them.

Meduza said it had not received any documents related to the claim. Forbes has not yet commented on the situation. The management of Xsolla has also not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Recall that in early August, a letter from Alexander Agapitov leaked to the network, in which he announced the dismissal of 150 employees. This decision was made by him after analyzing their activity in a number of internal tools.