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Study: Zoomers are the first generation to prefer video games to watching TV

Consulting company Deloitte has published the results of a new study of digital trends among Americans. All age groups, with the exception of Generation Z, still call TV shows and movies their favorite entertainment. Zoomers almost never watch TV and prefer video games to other entertainment. It is they who dictate trends today.The Deloitte study is based on a 2009 survey of American consumers that was conducted in February.

Newzoo: Almost half of female gamers don’t mind buying gaming peripherals. The budget of the majority is up to $100

The market of peripheral devices is experiencing a real boom, and not the last role in this is given to female gamers. According to the calculations of the analytical company Newzoo, almost half of the actively playing women are ready to buy peripherals for consoles and PCs. But most of them have one important condition — the price should not exceed $ 100.