The number of age-related players is growing rapidly. Analysts at the Global Web Index research company have estimated that since 2018, the number of gamers aged 55-64 has increased by 32%.

According to analysts, one of the reasons for the sharp increase in the audience was the COVID-19 pandemic. There were other factors, but Global Web Index did not specify which ones.

In the report, analysts said that 24% of parents and grandparents around the world are not against joint video games in the family circle. In fact, for them it is one of the options for family leisure.

Media form a certain image of gamers, but, as is the case with many stereotypes, in reality everything can look very different.

David Melia

Vice President of Sports and Games Global Web Index.

Also, separately, Global Web Index specialists indicated that today 86% of Internet users play games. It should be noted that in total, about 19.5 thousand people from different countries took part in the Global Web Index study.

Earlier, the American research firm NPD Group also reported on the growth of interest in video games among older people. According to her, in 2020, the number of gamers over 45 has sharply increased in the United States alone. In addition, for the most part, such players began to spend more time playing games and spend more money on them. For example, last year 55-64-year-old Americans played 48% more often and spent 73% more than in 2019.