Women are a more valuable customer in the mobile games market than men. The analytical company DeltaDNA reports that women’s spending in mobile titles is 44% higher than that of the stronger sex.

The average spending of a female player is $1.57, for a male gamer this figure is $1.09.

According to the company, 4.5% of women who play on mobile somehow spend money on their hobby. Among men, there are only 3.3%.

DeltaDNA also compared genre preferences of both sexes on mobile platforms. Women’s favorites are puzzles (76%) and social casinos (51%), while men prefer action games (77%) and strategies (74%).

Favorite genres of mobile games for men and women, DeltaDNA
In conclusion, DeltaDNA came to the conclusion that mobile publishers should release more games aimed at a female audience.

According to the company’s representatives, this will bring profit and allow you to save on production, since puzzles and casinos are much cheaper to produce than action games and strategies.

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