The market of peripheral devices is experiencing a real boom, and not the last role in this is given to female gamers. According to the calculations of the analytical company Newzoo, almost half of the actively playing women are ready to buy peripherals for consoles and PCs. But most of them have one important condition — the price should not exceed $ 100.

Note that in its new research, Newzoo analysts focused only on European markets. They studied the opinion of gamers in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland and Russia.

Global Gaming Peripheral Device Market Revenues

  • in 2020, revenues in the gaming peripherals market around the world grew rapidly — by 45% compared to 2019. Revenue from sales of headsets, mice, keyboards, controllers and other devices reached $7.9 billion. According to analysts, the last time such growth rates were in 2018 on the wave of popularity of battle royales;
  • Newzoo assumes that in 2021 there will be no such active growth in the market. Its revenue will be $7.88 billion. This is due to the fact that restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be gradually lifted, and people will stay at home less. However, the gaming peripherals market will continue to grow in the future;

Revenue of the global gaming peripherals market in 2017-2021General data about female gamers

  • according to Newzoo, active gamers on consoles and PCs (those who play at least once a month) are more likely to buy peripherals. And the number of women who fall into this category is constantly growing throughout Europe. The number of hardcore female gamers spending more than six hours a week playing games is also increasing;
  • 44% of women under 25 who actively play console and PC games;
  • 26% of female gamers are hardcore players;
  • 44% of female gamers watch streams and videos related to video games;
  • the two main reasons why residents of European countries generally play video games are the desire to escape from reality for a short time (36%) and the desire to explore game worlds and dive deep into the plot (32%).

Reasons to Buy Peripherals

  • more than a quarter of female gamers from Europe (27%) purchase peripherals to make the gameplay more exciting and play better;
  • the same number of respondents (27%) said that such things help to immerse themselves in the game and get a more complete picture of it;
  • 12% of female gamers like the look of gaming peripherals;
  • only 9% of women who play buy peripherals in order to gain an advantage in PvP games. Even fewer (5%) do this because of the opportunity to brag;
  • also, the decision to buy peripherals is influenced by the recommendations of loved ones (30%), video reviews (23%) and brand (23%).

Reasons for purchasing Gaming PeripheralsGaming Headsets

  • more than half of gamers use gaming headsets. And 43% of active female players would like to buy a new headset (and for 42% of them this is the first such purchase – probably we are talking about newcomers who became interested in video games during the pandemic);
  • a significant number of women (61%) are willing to spend no more than $100 to buy a headset. Only 9% of gamers can afford devices more expensive than $200;
  • at the same time, they would all like to get comfortable headphones with high sound quality. The respondents also feel good about wireless headsets with surround sound. But there is a caveat: if such headphones cost less than $ 100, they cannot boast of durability. Nevertheless, female gamers are not confused by this.