Microsoft has a new approach to content and third-party platforms. The company is ready to support other game and app stores within its own Windows Store.

This was stated in an interview with The Verge by Panos Panay, director of products and Windows at Microsoft:

Windows already has these stores. If we can ensure their presence within the Windows Store, we will definitely do it. Of course, this means that if others want to join our Store, they will be welcome. Moreover, we will encourage it.

The company is currently working on changing the store’s policy. The goal is just to allow applications from third—party stores to appear on its shelves.

Panay sees the future Windows store as a single hub in which the user will have the opportunity to find an application, regardless of which site it is published on: “I really want to be able to go to the Store, write the name of the application, and then get it.”

Exactly how this will work is unclear. Most likely, by analogy with the Amazon Appstore, the integration of which into the future Windows Store became known yesterday as part of the presentation of the Windows 11 operating system.

Recall that in the case of the Amazon Appstore, the user needs to log in to Amazon to download the application on Windows. Accordingly, applications are still hosted on Amazon servers. However, as far as we understand, there is no planned difference in the interface between the Windows program and Amazon.