Last week, internal Microsoft documents used in court with the US Federal Trade Commission leaked to the network. Analyst Piers Harding-Rolls found in them a table in which Microsoft listed the ten largest companies in terms of estimated revenue from games for 2021.

When calculating the gaming revenue of companies, Microsoft relied on the data of the companies themselves, analyst estimates and its own analysis.

Here are the top 10 companies, according to Microsoft estimates:

1. Tencent — $32.8 billion;
2. Sony — $25 billion;
3. Google — $17.5 billion;
4. Microsoft — $16 billion;
5. Apple — $15.5 billion;
6. Nintendo — $15.1 billion;
7. NetEase — $9.9 billion;
8. Activision Blizzard — $8.1 billion;
9. Electronic Arts — $6.5 billion;
10. Valve — $6.5 billion.

Note that Microsoft's estimates differ from the information from the reports of a number of companies. For example, the Nintendo report says revenue for the fiscal year (April 2021 - March 2022) in the amount of ¥ 1.69 trillion or $13 billion at the exchange rate at that time. And the Electronic Arts (EA) report for the same period says revenue of $6.9 billion.

Perhaps Microsoft took into account revenue for the calendar year 2021. Then the data for the same EA converge. In one of the reports, EA actually indicated that in January-December 2021, it earned $6.5 billion. But even in this case, the data, for example, on Activision Blizzard does not correspond to reality — the company reported $ 8.8 billion in revenue.

A source:

Pierce Harding-Rolls