In September, the fifth part of Gears of War will be released on Xbox One and PC (after rebranding just Gears). There will be no loot boxes or passes in the game. Its authors are going to earn inside the game differently.

A little remark. Gears 5, like any modern AAA blockbuster with a single, will be sold at full price. In the USA, the price tag of the basic version of the game starts at $59.99. Xbox Game Pass holders ($10 per month) will also receive the game.

And, as in almost any modern game, there will be micropayments in Gears 5. That’s just the developers report that they do not plan to add to the project, which also has a strong multiplayer component, neither loot boxes, nor seasonal passes that have become familiar.

But they do not give up the idea of making money on users who have already bought the game. As Ryan Cleven, director of multiplayer design at The Coalition studio, told Gamescom, the blockbuster monetization will be based on cosmetics.

It is not yet fully clear in details how exactly monetization will be built. It is known that the game will have two independent systems for the extraction of new content. The content pool will also be split.

The first system is called Tour of Duty. She is responsible for receiving customized content. The second is called Supply. In it, users will receive content for free as a reward for playing.

In addition, the game will have a store where you can buy in-game currency Iron. She is just being spent on cosmetics.

Most likely, the game will simply use the following scheme: the player earns currency in Supply mode or pays for it, and then within the Tour of Duty already buys skins and heroes. But this is our assumption.

The developers consider such a system to be honest with the players — user-centered. Moreover, according to Ryan, the studio is now ahead of the industry in terms of abandoning loot boxes, its approach will set the trend for monetization of users in AAA titles.

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