The transition to iOS 14 may be even tougher. Facebook has decided not to take half measures as part of Apple’s new IDFA policy. The social network will no longer collect IDFA, it also puts the future of the Facebook Audience Network in question.

Recall that iOS 14, whose release is scheduled for this fall, obliges each application to ask the user whether he is ready to share information about himself with advertising companies (i.e. give access to his unique identifier — IDFA).

It is on IDFA that the modern advertising market is built in the Apple mobile ecosystem. The identifier links a click on an ad with a perfect installation, thereby helping to track the effectiveness of advertising and allowing you to launch retargeting campaigns.

Apple’s desire to limit IDFA demonstrated the giant’s attitude to this standard. Apparently, Facebook decided not to prolong the agony of the tool, which in the long run would have been closed anyway, and itself announced the termination of its use.

In its blog, the company also announced what its partners should be preparing for in connection with the imminent appearance of iOS 14.

  • Facebook will release an updated version of the SDK that will support iOS 14. It will be fully compatible with the SKAdNetwork framework, which should replace IDFA. At the same time, Facebook notes that the new tool restricts access to data necessary for conducting campaigns.
  • Due to a major SDK update, the social network requires all its partners to create a new advertising account to launch campaigns on iOS 14.
  • The current situation will hit the Facebook Audience Network very seriously, so the effectiveness of monetization of the service will decrease.
  • Moreover, Apple’s policy may make the Facebook Audience Network such an inefficient solution that it will not make sense to support it on iOS 14.

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