There are only a few weeks left before the introduction of new rules regarding IDFA. Apple said that the privacy policy on its platform will take effect immediately after the release of the iOS 14 beta update.

The company shared such news on a special website for mobile developers. Apple did not name the exact release date of the updates, but warned that it would happen no later than the beginning of spring.

Apple advised developers to check the privacy settings in their apps. The company also recalled the SKAdNetwork framework, which will partially allow tracking user data (with the permission of the latter).

Separately, Apple announced the launch of support for the Private Click Measurement tool on the updated iOS 14. With its help, advertising networks will be able to attribute ads displayed in applications better.

For the first time, the company started talking about changes related to IDFA last summer. Initially, it was planned that the innovation would work in September — along with the release of iOS 14. Later, Apple changed its mind and gave developers and marketers a reprieve until early 2021.

Nevertheless, during the autumn-winter of 2020, Apple actively upgraded other aspects of its privacy policy. For example, in mid-December, special markers appeared in the App Store with a warning about what kind of information the application collects.