At a press conference of Ubisoft on the eve of the opening of the E3 2013 exhibition in Los Angeles, among other things, the announcement of the mobile game Trials: Frontier was made.

A series of puzzle arcade Trials is being developed by the Finnish studio RedLynx. After Trials 2: Second Edition gained popularity on PC, two more titles of this cycle were released – Trials HD and Trials Evolution already for Xbox Live Arcade. On the console, projects have been on the bestseller list for a long time. 

Now it’s the turn of mobile devices based on iOS and Android. Trials: Frontier is scheduled for release in 2014.

Note that Trials: Frontier will be like a junior companion of the Trials: Fusion game for the new generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles, announced at the same Ubisoft press conference.  It is already known that playing Trials: Frontier, the user will be able, as they say, on the fly to check their positions in the Trials: Fusion results table. In addition, in one game it will be possible to open new content for use in another.