Due to the specifics of one of the Google Play algorithms, Turkish users massively give one star to good applications, while leaving a positive review.

It is well known that rating is important. In the search giant’s store, it is one of the coefficients that affect the location of the application in the tops, in the App Store it also affects the positions of programs in the search robot output. In addition, many users decide to purchase / download an application by looking at the ratings that other users have given it. 

It so happened that Google Play raises to the very top those comments in which users put up one star. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the holders of the platform want to reduce the impact on users of those companies that buy positive ratings for their applications and games.

The presence of this algorithm led to a funny situation on Google Play. Turkish users, who want their comments to be noticed, began to massively rate hit games with a minimum score, while leaving, as a rule, a positive and sometimes enthusiastic review. 

For example, in the screenshot just below 15 reviews with one star, 11 of them are positive (these are comments on Where’s my Water 2).

In order to make sure of this, it is enough to use Google Translate. Although, however, the comment of the American Rainie Biebs speaks for itself. The situation is similar on the pages of other major projects (Hay Day, Dragons of Atlantis, Clash of Clans and Temple Run 2).

As of Tuesday evening (January 14), the situation is still relevant. Whether Google will change anything in the algorithm is unclear. 

Source: http://blog.appwared.com