Since 2012, the ratio of paid and free games released in the App Store has changed a lot: there are significantly more free-to-play games. But the number of premium releases has not decreased.


In the third quarter of 2016, 92% of the total number of iOS games released were free games. Four years ago, the situation was different, – the Sensor Tower research company reports. 44% of iOS games released in the first quarter of 2012 were paid.

There are no fewer paid games – there are no more of them. If in 2012, five thousand paid and free products were released per quarter, then in 2016, on average, developers published the same 5 thousand paid games on the App Store every three months, but already more than 60 thousand free.


In the USA, there is only one paid project in the box office gaming Top 100 App Store and Google Play – Minecraft. There are 34 paid projects in the Top 500 on the App Store, and 10 in Google Play (relevant on November 24).

Sources: Sensor Tower, App Annie