The authorities of the United Kingdom have again taken care of the problem of gambling addiction.

Картинки по запросу ar и vr великобритания

Today it became known that the British Parliament has taken up the study of the growing influence of AR/VR technologies on people. The task is assigned to the Department of Digital Technologies, Culture and Mass Media.

The researchers will pay special attention to how such technologies affect children and adolescents. The field of esports, the possible connection of video games with gambling and the influence of social networks will also be studied.

By January 14, the authors of the study will collect written evidence in favor and against online games and social networks from various organizations (including charities) and individuals.

The results of the study will help the authorities:

  • to establish the future regulation of the gaming industry;
  • find out how high the risk of gambling addiction and gambling addiction is in people who spend a lot of time in video games.

According to Ofcom, Britons check their smartphone on average every 12 minutes, and one in five Britons spends more than 40 hours online a week. In British society, fears are often expressed that games and social networks harm the normal life of people, the parliament said.

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