Films and video games were discussed in the upper house of the Russian parliament. Opinions were expressed that not all of them should be given access to citizens of the country.

Andrey Klimov (Photo: RIA Novosti)According to Medusa, today, on December 19, the Federation Council held a round table on the topic “The role of cultural aspects in ensuring state sovereignty”.

It was organized by Deputy and member of the Federation Council from Perm Krai Andrey Klimov. We also discussed movies and games. Both types of media have been criticized.

The main claim is the predominance of Western products on the Russian market. According to Klimov, as RBC writes, it is wrong when “most films are presented by a country that has declared Russia an enemy.”

The senator did not demand to ban American products. But he noted that it is not necessary to give access to anti-Russian films in free film libraries. As an example of such films, he named air carriers.

Klimov also stated that “The film industry is far from the only sphere where whole herds of ideological Trojan horses are introduced to us in pseudo—cultural camouflage. Computer games alone are worth a lot! Moreover, this strategy has generous foreign funding and caring guardianship from NATO countries. We cannot sit idly by, passively watch how overseas Russophobes will deprive us of spiritual traditions, transform citizens of a cultural superpower into asexual beings, Ivanovs who do not remember kinship, greedily devouring ideologically toxic pseudo-cultural imported fast food.”

Klimov became a candidate of economic sciences in Soviet times. As a student, he wrote feuilletons in “Crocodile”. Now he is a Doctor of Sciences. He believes that the United States is waging a global information war against Russia.

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