The start of the Christmas season seriously raised the cost of a loyal user, but almost did not affect the number of daily downloads in the United States, Fiksu said.

The price of a loyal user (the one who launches the application at least three times) jumped by 10% last November compared to October and by 25% compared to November 2013, amounting to $ 1.79. A good figure, but less than the record August figures ($ 1.90) associated with overheating of the market.

The average number of daily downloads from the iPhone in the United States was 5.7 million. It has been at about this level since April last year. The launch of two new “apple” smartphones did not even give a significant increase (in 2012, after the launch of the iPhone 5, they grew by 1.4 million after the launch, in 2013 there was no growth).