The German market is the largest in Europe, Newzoo reported. In 2013, its gamers spent $4.1 billion on games, $595 million of which fell on the mobile sector.

The main feature of the German market Newzoo called the wide popularity of Google Play. According to the forecasts of the company’s analysts, the revenue from Google Play in Germany will overtake the revenue from the App Store within a couple of months. A similar trend in Europe is observed only in Spain. In other regions of Europe, the Apple store continues to dominate.

According to box office indicators, Germany is on the 8th place in the world, if we talk about revenue from iPad games, on the 7th place in terms of profit from the iPhone and on the 4th place in terms of money from Google Play. There are 29.3 million mobile players in the country. More information about the figures can be found on the infographic below.

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