Geo-location advertising services will become more relevant in the near future. According to BIA/Kelsey, the technologies are already ready for mass use. By 2017, the cost of this type of advertising will exceed $10.8 billion.

In three years, geo-advertising will receive 52% of the total mobile advertising market, as reported by BIA/Kelsey experts. For comparison, in 2012, marketers spent $1.4 billion on this type of promotion.

Mike Boland, Vice President of BIA/Kelsey, claims that the spread of smartphones, as well as changes in user habits and the appearance of more geographical markers contribute to the popularization of this advertising method. The demand for this service is also growing because customers are trying to increase ROI and justify investments in marketing.

The predictions of BIA /Kelsey seem too optimistic to many, given that this type of advertising is just beginning to gain mass momentum. At the moment, only 3% of advertising budgets are sent in this direction. However, this market may explode in the near future.

Source: http://www.mobilecommercepress.comBIA/Kelsey provides consulting and analytical services to companies in local media markets.

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